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Website Design The Three Essentials

Three essentials for great website design include your domain name, reliable web hosting and creative website content

Your Domain Name

Your domain name is your identifacation and works in a similair way that your phone number works, each and every domain name is unique in order for people to find your website while searching online

Reliable Web Hosting

Web hosting is essential for your website to work files are stored in a data base and the server distributes your files over the internet, the web hosting provider you choose should be reliable

Creative Content

Creative content is essential to your websites popularity, relevant content will attract more visitors to your website and increase your rankings in Google which in turn will make your website more visible to internet users

Design For A Website

The Design Of The Website

Working out the design of the website is a three step process, the first step is to decide on the very basics of what the website needs to function correctly, and this largely depends on what content you are promoting on your website.

For a blog type website you will need unique and informative content, an online store needs to attract website traffic and keep visitors searching through your website to make sales, an event website needs to provide the latest news and events that are unfolding around your area.  

The second step is to plan the layout of the website, this includes where the contact information will be located on the website, what you want on your home page to promote to your visitors and the type of content that you need to attract visitors to your website.

The third step is to put the design together and build the final product, a good way to get ideas is to find websites that are similar to the style you want on your website and do some research on how they have set out the website, and remember your website needs to be unique.

When you have the design of the website sorted out you can then create a website with the Wordpress content management system, installing a Wordpress website is very easy you can use our guide create a wordpress website to get you started, for web hosting we thoroughly recommend A2 Hosting as your hosting provider you will be assured of reliable web hosting along with the best customer support around.

Wordpress Theme Quickstart

We recommend for beginners to search for a Wordpress theme from a market place, we recommend Template Monster as they stock a large range of in house themes that are already pre populated with content then replace the content with your own, this way you have a ready to go website without the hassle of starting from scratch just add website content relevent to your websites theme.  

The Design Of The Website

The design of the website should be clean and simple with creative and informative content

The Design Of The Website

The design of the website should be simple and clear, the most common pages used on websites and the most important include the websites home page which should promote what the website is about and direct users to other sections of the website.

contact page with all your contact information like phone numbers if you run a business website your email address and the physical location of your business are very important, a personal website just needs a basic contact page with your email address should a visitor needs to ask a question.

Including an about page on your website is also a great idea for a business website you can tell the story of how the business started, who was the founder of the business etc, for a personal website you can include your interests and why you started your website this about page makes visitors feel welcome on your website.

Design Of The Website

Color Scemes

Deciding on fonts and color schemes for your website are very important, the font on your website needs to be sharp and clear and keep the font simple so visitors can easily read the content on your website Google fonts are a great place to look, colors need to complement each other and not cause a distraction on one part of a page as this keeps visitors from taking in all the information you present to them.

Images And Photography

Images are very important for the design of any website they convy important information, make the page more attractive and give the websites visitor some thing to look at while browsing your website, you can use your own images, pay for premium images or get free images from places like dreamstime and canva

Menu Structure

The layout of your websites menu should be simple and clean you need only minimal menu items when designing your website and these menu items need to be structured in such a way as to guide your visitors easily around your website to find the content that they are searching for.

Each menu item needs to be edited in your websites administration under menus and menu items, the page title needs to tell your visitors what the page is about and a meta description tag should fully describe the contents of the page by editing your menu items you are optimizing your website for SEO or search engine optimization.  

Consistent Website Design

Consistant website design through out is a very important consideration to make when designing your own website.

Website Design

Website design should consider the over all look of the site meaning you need to have a consistency to each and every page on the website.

This starts with choosing a font style to suit the websites content a sharp and easy to read font is best and this font should be used in all the tittles, menus and also the main body font of every page of the website do not mix font styles.

Navigation menus are usually placed at the very top of every page on the website and occasionally to the left or right hand side of the page usually the side menus are only on ecommerce websites and contain product categories for the shop.

Images should be of a consistent color if posible through out the websites design, mixing of dark and bright colored images usually does not work.

So use only bright images through out the design or only dark images to give a consistent flow and feal to your website design. 

Website Footer

The footer of your website is very important and should contain menus and links to other parts of your website to help visitors navigate around the website when they reach the end of each page. The footer section should be located on each and every page of your site and the background should have a different color to the main pages of the website usually a dark color to separate the footer from the main page.

What to include in the footer section of your website, this should include a link to your privacy policy you will be suprised how many people acually read this and every website needs one, terms of use should be included in the footer section and all your contact details if required this is usually for business websites only. 

Social Media Links

Your websites footer section is a great place to incorporate some sort of social media interaction this could include social media icons linking back to your Twitter or Facebook accounts page for marketing purposes or social media like icons this is a great way to get more followers on your social media pages. For a business website the footer section should include a subscribe button for your news letters, this is great way to gain more business through your website by informing followers of new products or services available.

Website Blog

Providing a website blog is a very powerful tool for any business or personal website, for business websites you can promote products or services through the websites blog, communicate with customers and also attract new visitors to your website.

For personal and hobby websites the website blog is a great tool for attracting more visitors to your website,  you can write articles about your interests post images and generally make your website more inviting to visitors. 

Contact And Location

When designing your website your contact information is very important particually for a business website, this information should be located at the very top of the page and also the bottom of the page, and it is a good idea to include opening hours a phone number.