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What Is A Wordpress Widget

What is a Wordpress widget, a widget lets you add a variety of features to your wordpress website without the need to learn coding the widget allows users to place content onto various parts of your websites theme.

Widget Areas

The widget can be placed into widget areas which vary on different wordpress themes to find your websites widget areas login to your wordpress dash board and go to appearance then widget areas here you will find what areas are available.

The most common widget areas on many wordpress themes are the side bar widget area where widgets can be placed to the left or to the right of your main content on any pages , the header widget area where image sliders can be placed at the top of a page for more impact and the footer widget area, a common place for contact information and footer menus placed at the very bottom of pages.

When you first install a wordpress theme several widgets are installed by default, these default widgets help you with structuring the main menu of the website, adding and managing posts on your website by providing the ability to add categories, tags and search bars to other areas of your website.

To view the available widgets that are installed on your wordpress theme login to your wordpress dashboard then go to appearance and then widgets here you will find the available widgets on the left  hand side of the page and the widget areas on the right.

Widget Placement

The placement of a widget into a widget area is very simple, first select a widget you want to place then from the drop down select the widget area where you want to place the widget then click on add widget this places the widget onto the selected widget area click save now go back to your website and you will see the content in the selected area.

Remove A Widget

To remove a widget from a widget area go to appearance widgets then click on the widget area where you placed the widget, select the widget from the list then at the very bottom select delete this removes the widget from the selected area.

Widgets by default are installed when you install certain wordpress plugins not all plugins will install a widget, common plugins that install widgets include newsletter plugins for marketing purposes, contact form plugins and many plugins for adding posts to your wordpress website. 

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