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Wordpress Login

Many beginners often have trouble locating there Wordpress login screen to access the admin area of there website when first installing the Wordpress content management system on there server.

Finding your Wordpress admin login url is actually very easy usually you just type in replacing with your own domain name and you should be taken to the login screen just enter the login details you entered when installing Wordpress.

There are times when Wordpress maybe installed in a sub directory of your main website, the login url will now be different as you need to add the directory folder name to the Wordpress admin url, say you a forum and the sub directory folder name is forum the url will now be

For beginners first starting out learning the basics of the Wordpress content management system the best way to remember the Wordpress login details is to bookmark the url in your browser.

Then check the remember me box on the login screen this will enable an easy login the next time you need to access Wordpress admin, by checking the remember me box you will no longer need to type in your username or email and password to access the admin area of your new website. 

Wordpress Login Security

The downside of locating your Wordpress login url so easily is that hackers have an easy access to your login screen, although they cannot access your admin without your username and password.

It is very important to not use generic usernames and passwords like admin as hackers can use this to access your Wordpress admin area, always use a combination of letters and numbers for access details.

The best way to prevent anyone accessing your login screen is to change or hide your login screen url so that hackers have no direct access, this is usually performed by installing a login security plugin there are numerous free plugins to perform this task,

We recommend WPS Hide Login from is is completely free and performs well, just remember to note down the new admin url and bookmark for future use the new url is accessed in the plugin settings.

One other method that can be very effective in preventing login from hackers is to limit the amount of login attempts to your Wordpress admin this can be achieved by using a security plugin like Wordfence or other security plugins of your choice once you have set the limit for logins the user will be locked out for a predetermined time the only down side is you the administrator can be locked out if you forget your login details.

Wordpress Admin Details

There maybe times when you have difficulty logging into your Wordpress admin, if you cannot remember your login details you may need to reset these by clicking on reset password located at the bottom of your Wordpress login page, enter your email address and you will be sent an email to enable you to reset your login details just follow the instructions provided.

Changing your username is a bit more complicated, if you need to change your username the best way is to login to Wordpress admin and go to users on the left side of the admin page create a new user with administrator privileges log out from admin them login again to check the new username works then delete the old username from the admin area.

Wordpress login requires cookies to be enabled on your browser so if you are having trouble logging in to your Wordpress admin please enable cookies for the browser you are using for Wordpress login then clear the cache from the browser and try again. 

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