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Wordpress Plugins

Wordpress plugins are a script for adding more functionality or new features to a Wordpress website, they can be installed on any Wordpress website with a single click of the mouse,  plugins are constructed from PHP a scripting language that integrates with Wordpress.

The plugins are categorized according to the function that the plugins are designed for, a few examples would be access and security which can include antivirus and malware plugins, email management that include email integration and marketing and newsletters.

Plugin Funcionality

Each plugin performs a specific job on a Wordpress website, depending on what type of function is required for each website, a business website will require different plugins than a eCommerce website will require, some websites will need a blogging platform or maybe a search engine optimization plugin to gain better Google rankings. 

Wordpress plugins are available for free or as a premium plugin, there are thousands of plugins available from third party suppliers for just about any feature or function that is required, some are very helpful for your website while others are a waste of time and should be avoided.

Installing A Plugin 

 Installing a plugin is very easy, the plugin is download to your desktop or selected from your hosting admin panal, then login to your Wordpress dashboard and click on plugin then add new a new page will open select the plugin from your desk top and click install and wait for the process to complete.

When looking for a new Wordpress plugin there are a few things to consider, is the plugin compatible with the latest version of Wordpress as you should always be updating wordpress to the latest version to keep your website up to date if the plugin is not compatible it may cause problems.

Plugin Support

Always look to the support forums on the suppliers website and see if important questions are answered in a normal fashion as customer support is very important more so for premium plugins that you are paying money for, if you come across a problem with the plugin you want it to be fixed as soon as possible.

Care needs to be taken when choosing plugins, always ask yourself do i really need a particular plugin, you only need to install plugins that are going to achieve a function that is required  on your website and always install high quality Wordpress plugins from qualified suppliers.

 Essential Wordpress Plugins

Essential Wordpress plugins would include security plugins to protect your website from malware and viruses, contact plugins for customers to contact your business, a quality text editor for posting articles particuarly for business websites and blogs, Google analytics plugins to track website visitors and a site map generator plugin for SEO or search engine optimization purposes. Get reliable Wordpress hosting and start your own Wordpress website today with a A2 Hosting Wordpress plan

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